Minotaur - Tech Short Sleeve Shirt (Beige/Black)

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The base striped fabric is a high-quality fabric made of a rare material with a long fibre length and functional fibres, which has a cool contact feeling, wrinkle prevention when worn, and easy care processing.

Material: Egyptian Cotton 79%, Polyester 21%

Inches  M L
Body Length Back 30.7 31.5
Shoulder Width 25.2 26
Body Width 22 22.8
Sleeve Length 10.4 11


Brand Description

Minotaur's products focus on comfort and necessity for the present age, while keeping one foot ahead towards the future. Inheriting traditional and universal techniques and elements, and pursuing new advancements for comfort and function, the apparel line maintains a casual and timeless style touch that easily adapts with the years. Utilizing the latest technology, and paying attention to every detail and stitch, Minotaur proposes a high-quality yet playful style that can be worn effortlessly.