Minotaur - Crew Shirts

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Relaxed smart wear with a wide silhouette and light stretchability.

The crew shirt is made of a high-performance mixture of linen and cotton. With the texture of heavy Oxford fabric, the layers of materials are coordinated in such a way as to prevent the shirt from having a bulky feeling. 

Material : Polyester 80%, Cotton 15%, Linen 5%

S :
Body Length (Back): 30.7 inch
Shoulder Width: 21.7 inch
Body Width: 23.6 inch
Sleeve Length: 21.5 inch

M :
Body Length (Back): 31.5 inch
Shoulder Width: 22.4 inch
Body Width: 24.4 inch
Sleeve Length: 21.9 inch

L :
Body Length (Back): 32.3 inch
Shoulder Width: 23.2 inch
Body Width: 25.2 inch
Sleeve Length: 22.2 inch

Brand Description

Minotaur's products focus on comfort and necessity for the present age while keeping one foot ahead towards the future. Inheriting traditional and universal techniques and elements, and pursuing new advancements for comfort and function, the apparel line maintains a casual and timeless style touch that easily adapts with the years. Utilizing the latest technology, and paying attention to every detail and stitch, Minotaur proposes a high-quality yet playful style that can be worn effortlessly.