Milamore - Kintsugi Infinity Emerald Necklace

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Featured here is Milamore's Kintsugi Infinity Emerald Necklace! A horizontal Kintsugi Infinity holds a dazzling emerald in the center. Emerald is the stone of wisdom and Love. Two white gold links circle across the emerald to appear as the infinity symbol and Japan's lucky number 8. 

Kintsugi Infinity pieces are designs inspired by the double helix form of DNA and the Mobius strip that represents infinity. They are also inspired by the lucky number 8 in Japan. Each piece is handcrafted to show the unique dimension of Kintsugi lines within the infinity form. These pieces have truly special movements and designs curated to give you an elevated look from any angle! 

  • Emerald Large weight 0.25 carat // 11.40g 18kt Recycled Yellow Gold // 50cm long.
  • Note: The size difference is not just the length of chain but the pendant size as well.
  • Kintsugi is a part of Wabi-Sabi philosophy and holds deep meaning in Japanese Culture.

Brand Description

MILAMORE was founded in 2019 by CEO and Creative Director George Inaki Root, built on the foundation of the love and bond between him and his grandmother Milagros. Milagros meaning ‘miracle’ in Spanish and amore meaning ‘love’ in Italian is how MILAMORE was born. MILAMORE believes in being true to yourself and designs its jewellery to integrate into your story and help express your personality.