Milamore - Goldfish Charm

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The Goldfish is the spirit animal of Milamore.

In Japan the stories of the Goldfish are metaphors for abundance, fortune and purification. The Goldfish teaches us to swim to new directions to what we desire.

Milamore Goldfish freshwater Pearl Charm offers an abstract depiction of the purifying and prosperity yielding goldfish and features a single, sparkling sapphire accent.
Pair with Milamore Classic Duo Chain and Charms to tell your unique story.

Freshwater pearl
18kt yellow gold

About the Maker

The rich culture and heritage of Japan is Milamore’s biggest source of inspiration. Designed in New York and handcrafted in Japan, Milamore blends the ancient Japanese art of jewellery making with modern design. Each piece is made with the highest quality materials—18 karat gold and precious stones, and is created entirely by hand by multi-generational families of artisans in Japan - “Handcrafted in Japan”

Ateliers are located in Tokyo and Yamanashi Prefecture in the heart of Japan near the foothills of Mount Fuji, and have deep ties to our Co-Founder’s family business.
The first atelier opened its doors as a watchmaking shop in Tokyo’s Asakusa district during the 1920s and then evolved into a jewellery-making atelier after World War I. The community of highly skilled artisans produce heritage art by combining techniques that have been passed down for generations with modern-day technology.

Each jewellery undergoes a sophisticated 10-step process, starting with a hand-sketch design, followed by a wax carving and casting, and finished with the hand-setting of gemstones, sourcing the highest quality materials, and suppliers are vetted to meet the highest of ethical standards.

Through powerful, modern design and exceptional craftsmanship, each piece becomes one-of-a-kind and holds a deeper meaning to those who wear it.
Our artisans treat each piece of Milamore fine jewellery like a work of art.