Milamore - Freshwater Pearl Duo Chain Necklace

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The Pearl Duo Chain playfully marries classic & modern styles. Organic freshwater pearls expertly dance to meet Milamore's signature Duo gauged wire chain. A single pearl can be found where the chain ends. 

The designer George Root finds that each pearl imitates a flower petal, bringing a unique and special energy to each piece. As Milamore uses natural freshwater pearls, each design will be slightly different from the images you see on the website. 


  • Freshwater pearl around the neck approximately 9x9mm-12x14mm, hanging pearl approximately 15x20mm
  • 50cm
  • K18 yellow gold

Brand Description

MILAMORE was founded in 2019 by CEO and Creative Director George Inaki Root, built on the foundation of the love and bond between him and his grandmother Milagros. Milagros meaning ‘miracle’ in Spanish and amore meaning ‘love’ in Italian is how MILAMORE was born. MILAMORE believes in being true to yourself and designs its jewellery to integrate into your story and help express your personality.