Milamore - Birthstone Necklace

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Milamore’s Birthstone Collection features a one-of-a-kind stone setting meant to highlight the precise cut of your VS class stone. This Birthstone necklace is a classic piece of jewelry to gift or add to your collection!

February Amethyst: The stone for February is Amethyst, a regal stone with a luxurious purple hue. Amethyst is known to bring heightened wisdom, intelligence, and awareness to its wearer. Amethyst is also known as the stone of sincerity and positive energy.

March Aquamarine: The stone for March is Aquamarine, the stone of communication. The soothing blue hue resembles water. Aquamarine is known to eliminate fears you have surrounding communication as it encourages easeful and well-intentioned expression.

June Moonstone: The stone for June is Moonstone, a soothing stone revered for the nature in that its hue beautifully transitions in the light. Moonstone is also known as the stone of growth, intuition, and inspiration.

July Ruby: The stone for July is Ruby, a powerful stone often called the King of Gems. This ancient stone is known as the ultimate protector as it promotes vitality and wards off negative forces. Ruby is also known as the stone of the heart and spirit. 

September Sapphire: The stone for September is Sapphire, a stone known as the most precious gem with a dazzling blue hue. This stone eliminates all fear and allows for the wearer to make important decisions based on their inner wisdom. 

October Tourmaline: The stone for October is Tourmaline, a coveted stone with a transparent pink hue. This stone is known as the humanitarians stone and is said to possess powers of enlightenment. 

November Topaz: The stone for November is Topaz, an abundant stone with a delightful yellow hue. With energy of the sun, this stone is sure to uplift your mood and elevate joy.

December Tanzanite: The stone for December is Tanzanite, a peace-inducing stone with a tranquil lavender-blue hue. This stone is known to ease the worries of those prone to overworking as it reduces stress and re-centers one's focus. 

Brand Description

MILAMORE was founded in 2019 by CEO and Creative Director George Inaki Root, built on the foundation of the love and bond between him and his grandmother Milagros. Milagros meaning ‘miracle’ in Spanish and amore meaning ‘love’ in Italian is how MILAMORE was born. MILAMORE believes in being true to yourself and designs its jewellery to integrate into your story and help express your personality.