Metaphys - Quolo Incense Holder

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Quolo is a cast iron incense holder that holds both stick and cone type incense and resolves the problem of ash scattering all over the place, which tends to happen with stick-type incense, through their minimal designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Where many incense holders lean diagonally for stick incense, Quolo's design stands on its own in a stick or cone shape in consideration of compact spaces like desks and shelves. Additionally, with its minimal geometric shape and texture of the casting surface, the quolo blends into any space regardless of Japanese or Western styles.

Size: φ55mm × H55mm

Material: Cast Iron

Brand Description 

KI:TS is a London-based lifestyle and fashion brand founded by Takaharu Osako that combines British craftmanship with Japanese design to produce essential bags and accessories for modern people.