Merippa - Jersey x Fur

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Merippa home slippers are a modern update of the Japanese home shoe. In traditional Japanese culture it is customary to take off shoes before entering the house and wear comfortable slippers. The Merippa offer more comfort than other slippers because remembering the shape of a sock are not easily lost and adhere well to the foot. They are not only comfortable, but also easy to clean (machine washable), suitable for travel (they roll into compact balls) and completely reversible.

Comfortable and warm. It is a classic Basque border with a combination of warm fur.


  • Outer material: 100% cotton
  • Lining fabric: 100% cotton
  • Padding: 100% polyester
  • Ribbing fabric: 98% cotton, 2% polyurethane

Brand Description 

A already much loved article both in Japan and abroad, MERIPPA is not a simple slipper, but an extra to the ordinary. MERIPPA is a reversible, fun and colourful home shoe with seasonal clothing materials. These home shoes are unisex, perfect as a gift and to enjoy your best moments at home.