Matsukan - Hasami Chopsticks

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A UK exclusive product.

Sourced from Obama, a town in Fukui, Japan. While briefly well known for its famous namesake, its enduring fame is as a centre for chopstick production. Matsukan have been crafting chopsticks from natural materials since 1922. 

Pantechnicon has commissioned Matsukan to make colourful ‘Hasami’ chopsticks, inspired by the bold ceramics of Hasami, a pottery centre, in Kyushu. Sachi’s Hasami chopstick range are in navy, grey and white to match the tableware.

Technical Details 

Size: 22.5cm
Material: Japanese Oak (Marasu)
Painting: Acrylic urethane resin coating
Shape: Hexagon
Processing: Made in Japan

Brand Description 

The town of Obama in Fukui is famous for its chopsticks.  Founded in 1922, Hashikura Matsukan is one of the best established producers in the town, combining traditional lacquer and other techniques with bright colours and designs for the modern table. In the past they have worked with the design studio Nendo to explore the limits of creativity in making chopsticks, and their range brings together utility, style, and a sense of fun.