Makanai - Reusable Face Mask

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Steam mask enriched with collagen to optimize the penetration of skincare.

The fibers of this ultra-hydrating towel mask are enriched with collagen, vitamin E and squalene which have great anti-aging and moisturising benefits. 

The mask can be used about 30 times and helps skincare penetration in the skin. 

Using Tips:

1.Carefully remove make-up and perform your usual skincare ritual

2. Wet the towel, wring it lightly and place in microwave for 10 to 15 seconds (500-600 W).
If you don't have a microwave you can use hot water.

3. Take the towel out of the microwave, carefully place it on the back of the hand to cool it, then when it is at the right temperature, apply it on the face.

4. Leave the warm mask on for about 3 minutes then remove it.

Brand description

Inspired by the natural resources of Kanazawa, northeast of Japan, and the wisdom of women from the area, Makanai brings to you the best of Japanese clean beauty.
Carefully selected, high-quality natural ingredients are combined together using beauty recipes passed down by women over many generations, evolving into a century's worth of Japanese beauty secrets found in Makanai skincare.
In Japanese "Makanai" refers to the "materials available at the workplace".