Makanai - Herbal Bath Soak

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Sachets of herbs, bark and dried flowers to perfume the bath along the seasons.

Each pouch contains two sachets of bath soak.

In Japan bathing is considered as a meditative practice, a time to relax, renew and revive.

Create your own healing space at home with this wide variety of herbs and flowers to suit your mood and body's needs.

- Peach leaf Infusion: in Japan peach leaves are traditionally used in summer baths for their various moisturizing and purifying properties. The water turns pale green and diffuses a sweet scent of peach leaf.

- Rice bran Infusion: with this infusion bath water turns into milky white and diffuses a lavender scent. Rice bran is used in Japan to soften the skin.

Brand description

Inspired by the natural resources of Kanazawa, northeast of Japan, and the wisdom of women from the area, Makanai brings to you the best of Japanese clean beauty.
Carefully selected, high-quality natural ingredients are combined together using beauty recipes passed down by women over many generations, evolving into a century's worth of Japanese beauty secrets found in Makanai skincare.
In Japanese "Makanai" refers to the "materials available at the workplace"