Leinwande - Mama's Patchwork Cardigan

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A nostalgic cardigan, reminiscent of mom’s hand-knitted sweater from childhood. Made of the very luscious yarn of Suri alpaca which is an extremely rare breed that makes up less than 10% of the world’s alpaca population. Featuring distinctive details like sleeves looking like a surface of a lake or plant-derived / biodegradable buttons make this cardigan extra special and thoughtful.

Brand description

LEINWÄNDE is a fashion brand founded in 2017 by a Japanese designer living in London. Contrasting refined eroticism with a utilitarian sensibility, we seek to express playful functionality for a mature wardrobe. LEINWÄNDE means “canvas” in German. This name reflects the designer’s wish for the brand to be like a canvas upon which one can paint as they please.