Lastframe - Ichimatsu Market Bag Small

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LASTFRAME create special bags using historic knitting techniques, on one of only a few looms in Japan, to create their signature stretch intarsia knitting designs. 

This compact ribbed bag has a firm tension while remaining light. In order to give a firm surface, elastic polyester yarn is custom-twisted 

Features a detachable leather strap.

Material: 100% Polyester

Strap: Cowhide leather

Size: W 19cm x H 39cm x D 8cm x Strap 50cm 

Brand Description 

Launched in 2018, LASTFRAME is a brand that marries Japan’ s craft heritage with founder Takanohiro Okude’s rich cultural experiences living and working around the world. Focusing on traditional craft skills that are gradually disappearing in parts of Japan, Takanohiro Okude reinterprets and reapplies them to his modern and unique designs that are borderless, timeless and non-binary.