Kyuemon - Ceramic Filter

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A porous ceramic filter full of fine pores measured in μ(micrometers).

Apart from drinking water, it is widely applicable to coffee, Japanese spirits and water for rice cooking. The secret of tastiness lies in the exclusive far infrared effect produced in the porous ceramics.

Beverage Taste Enhancement

Due to the far-infrared effect occurred in ceramics, the liquid becomes revitalized and its tastes turn rounded. Taste enhancement occurs in ground coffee, instant coffee, green tea and black tea. Japanese shochu (burned liquor) can also turn palatable resulted from the far infrared effect, which is also applied to shochu maturation by ceramic jar as well.

Coffee brewing is highly recommendable.

Coffee extraction at the most optimal speed can pull out the original flavour and aroma of the coffee beans.


Brand Description 

Water is indispensable and essential for everyday life and KYUEMON is committed to protecting the global environment and ecology by creating porous ceramic products based on exclusive technology that turns such a daily necessity into something tasty.