KOHCHOSAI KOSUGA - Oboro Flower Basket

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Hand-woven in Kyoto, these shapely flower baskets are made from strips of thinly sliced and pressed bamboo, then dyed in Japanese lacquer and varnished to fix its curvy shape. Both bamboo baskets includes a clear glass at the base so that you can stand your flowers up straight, and in water, if desired. 

 7.1 '' x 6.7'' W x 6.7'' H

Brand Description 

The founder of KOCHOUSAI, Kocho Ueda, worked as the official painter for the 11th Tokugawa feudal lord of the Kishu province. After being given the right to a surname and to bear arms, he was given the family crest of kageaoi design (hollyhocks). His paintings are now part of the collections of Nishihongan-ji temple and Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts. In honor of the founder's talent for the arts, the company "Kohchosai Kosuga" was founded.