Kohchosai Kosuga - Chikuseiko Bamboo Charcoal Incense

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Traditional sticks of bamboo charcoal incense naturally scented - 50 sticks.

These incense sticks are traditionally made from incense, bamboo charcoal and natural aromatic essences.

Bamboo charcoal, transformed from Japanese bamboos, purifies the air and limits the emission of smoke during combustion. Incense is recognized among the Japanese for its many aromatherapeutic benefits: it helps calm the mind, promotes better sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, improves concentration and relieves pain.

Available in six different scents: pine, bamboo, sandalwood, cherry blossoms, rose or plum tree.

Brand description

Incense and handicrafts made from bamboo.

Specialized in bamboo crafts for 5 generations, the house Kohchosai Kosuga has been supplying the imperial family and families of the Japanese court since 1898.

The craftsmen of the Kyoto-based factory of the house manufacture objects essential to the three major performing arts in Japan: tea ceremony, floral arrangement and incense ritual.

Incense, originating from the island of Awaji, Hyogo, is associated with bamboo charcoal and natural aromatic essences.