KOHCHOSAI KOSUGA - Bamboo Diffuser

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Bamboo porcelain diffuser with 8 bamboo reeds.

Diffuser: porcelain wrapped in woven bamboo

Size: 8 reeds - 23cm, Diffuser -11.5cmx5.5cm

Working with bamboo as a raw material for generations, Kohchosai Kosuga has developed a wide variety of original products with a unique philosophy: “creating bamboo crafts to enrich lives”. From artistic handicrafts to daily items, all products are handcrafted in house.

The Kohchosai Kosuga porcelain diffuser is elegantly wrapped in hand woven bamboo and holds eight bamboo reeds to diffuse oil scents (oil bought separately)

Due to its natural materials, there may be slight variation in colour, tone and texture. The colour of the bamboo may fade with time especially if exposed to the direct sunlight, and patina may appear. The porcelain container may absorb oil scent over time.

Brand Description 

The founder of KOCHOUSAI, Kocho Ueda, worked as the official painter for the 11th Tokugawa feudal lord of the Kishu province. After being given the right to a surname and to bear arms, he was given the family crest of kageaoi design (hollyhocks). His paintings are now part of the collections of Nishihongan-ji temple and Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts. In honor of the founder's talent for the arts, the company "Kohchosai Kosuga" was founded.