Kobako - Cuticle Pusher

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Kobako's cuticle pusher allows you to gently slide unnecessary keratin and small skins for a nicely defined nail contour.

Its thin and rounded tip adapts perfectly to the surface of the nail and its very stable grip prevents skidding during use.

Main part: stainless steel
Handle: ABS resin, elastomer
Case: polyethylene (EMMA resin)

Brand description

Combining design, pleasure and elegance, these beauty accessories meet all our needs.

KOBAKO was created with the constant desire that beauty accessories can reveal the beauty of a woman without artifices and yet with ease. By consulting many beauty professionals and journalists, the Japanese house has developed unique tools that surprise with their ingenuity.

Designed to achieve professional quality, these compact and innovative accessories make it easier to take care of your hands and enhance your eyes every day.