Kobako - 4 Sided Nail File

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Polish your nails without having to visit a salon.

File your nails with this 4-sided polisher with different grades from course to smooth depending on your needs. This product is designed to naturally define the tips of your fingernails, regardless of their thickness.

The Compact nail file was designed to maintain a 45-degree nail angle, creating natural squared-off tips just by sliding your nails left and right.


Use side 1 or 2 (depending on your nail type) to shape your nails

Use side 3 to polish them

Use side 4 to finish them

The larger the number, the finer the filling grade, making it possible to use different grades to suit the thickness of your own nails.

Slide your fingernails in the same direction 2 or 3 times to finish them off, preventing detached nails.

Size: 47.3×47.3mm

Material: ABS, Ceramic polishing agent

Made in Japan

Brand Description 

Since 1908, KAI has been manufacturing many everyday tools and accessories with great attention to detail. By associating its production techniques with the experience of recognised professionals, the company undertakes collaborations which give rise to ingenious and qualitative products.

All KOBAKO accessories have been designed in collaboration with famous professionals and beauty journalists to create innovative and compact beauty accessories that facilitate the daily care of hands, skin and eyes.