Kiko GG - Reusable Bubble Wand Set

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The perfect eco-friendly option for summer bubble fun!

Ditch disposable plastic bubble bottles for this cute set of reusable wooden bubble wands in three fun shape. 

Includes a candy-shaped wooden dish to mix and make your own bubble potion that can double as a dish to store trinkets or candy in when not in use?

Make sure to rinse off and dry the wands after each use, to keep the set in best possible condition.

Material: Beechwood 

Note: Bubble Liquid is not included. 

Brand Description 

Founded by two Japanese female toy designers, Kaz and Novi, the company has been making eco-friendly toys for over 10 years. Working closely with both Japanese and international designers, the brand is known for reinventing disposable plastic toys into longer lasting wooden creations. The items are always created with fun, functionality and design in mind. Made with sustainably-sourced wood and hand-crafted in small batches in Asia.