Kijima Takayuki - Panama Hat

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This stunning summer staple is made from 100% natural fine ’Toquilla' straw, known for its high durability and beauty with a handwoven flexible herringbone weave.

Material is from Ecuador but the production is in Japan ensuring an exquisite attention to detail and very high craftmanship. Inner band and ribbon made from striped grosgrain rayon. All models made exclusively for Pantechnicon.

Size 1- X Small 57cm - UK 7

Size 2- Small 58 cm -UK 7 1/8

Size 3- Large 60cm - UK 7 3/8

Brand Description 

KIJIMA TAKAYUKI is a hat brand which filters the atmosphere of the current times through an original perspective and sense of balance, with "design which lives through styling" as a concept. KIJIMA TAKAYUKI has been designing headwear and making hats by hand for over 20 years since its founding. KIJIMA TAKAYUKI's collection is exhibited twice a year, both in Tokyo Japan and in Paris.