Kei Tominaga - Shape in Shape Necklace

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“Shapes in Fabric” is the work involves embossing precious metals, presses the fabric and metal together using a rolling mill to create a richly textured patterned result. 


10 x10x 6.5mm dia
Chain Approx 42cm

Texture on fabric is the trace of the many million times of repeated weave actions of a machine. Spotlighting the beauty of the mass-production work and transferring its trace on silver, produces a beautiful paper-like textured surface. 

This texture give the strength on the surface of the metal and that gave me the opportunity to create a high quality metal objects with lightness which is opposite from usual image of the jewellery or precious metal as something ‘heavy’.

Brand description

Kei Tominaga is a London based artist, originally from Tokyo. She studied metal sculpture and smithing at the Tokyo University for Art and Music. After completing her masters she started to experiment with product design in order to bring her work to a wider audience. In addition to designing several solo contemporary product collections, Tominaga has previously collaborated with several global architects and designers. Her latest work of jewellery, silverware and metalworks are a departure from her product design background, she brings the lightness, and also textures, of paper to her unique designs in precious metals.