Kei Tominaga - Knot Bangle 3mm

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Inspired by everyday objects and texture's Kei Tominaga's jewellery designs are characterised by a delicate lightness. The knot, symbolic of making a promise or a tangle we try to unravel, adorns this minimalistic bangle. 

Made in England

Knot Bangle 3mm Gold Vermeil Silver

Size: Small - 19cm

Knot Bangle 3mm Sterling Silver

Size: Medium - 20cm

Brand description

Kei Tominaga is a London based artist, originally from Tokyo. She studied metal sculpture and smithing at the Tokyo University for Art and Music. After completing her masters she started to experiment with product design in order to bring her work to a wider audience. In addition to designing several solo contemporary product collections, Tominaga has previously collaborated with several global architects and designers. Her latest work of jewellery, silverware and metalworks are a departure from her product design background, she brings the lightness, and also textures, of paper to her unique designs in precious metals.