Kasama Pottery - Cups

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Across Kasama, the geology has been shaped by the presence of granite and Kasama ware is highly durable, having a strong finish and an appealing utilitarian aspect. Here, the clay used by potters contains a high iron content, that turns a dark brown colour after firing. A strong material, the clay is not always forgiving when manipulated by the potter. Nevertheless, the quality of Kasama’s clay fosters a close connection between the potter and the region.

Kasama’s potters will typically work independently, making wheel-thrown ceramics as opposed to mass-producing pieces. In Kasama, one size does not fit all: potters have the space to think creatively, uninhibited by tradition.

Brand Description 

The city of Kasama is home to a flourishing community of potters, both young and old. Unlike many other pottery regions in Japan, Kasama has relatively few long-established ceramic-making traditions or techniques. Rather, Kasama’s potters are part of a new wave of individual ceramicists, free to express their own ideas and intentions.