Kamawanu - Tenugui Komon Cloth

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Made from 100% cotton, the tenugui cloth can be used for a wide variety of daily purposes. Due to its excellent absorbency and quick-drying properties, the most common household use is that of a dish towel or washcloth.

Tenugui purposes are not limited to that of a dish cloth or for cleaning. Because of the wide variety of appealing patterns, tenugui can be used as a decorative table runner or placemat, dress as a headband or scarf, or to wrap a precious item for preservation. Use it to wrap a gift, a lunch box, or even a sake bottle.

There is a tenugui pattern and style to suit every occasion and lifestyle.

Dimensions: 35.5" L x 13" W

Care: As this product is hand-dyed, you may experience color loss/bleeding. Hand wash separately with cold water and mild detergent. The edges of tenugui towels are seamless, meaning the weft (horizontal thread) at either end will fray with use. Trim any loose strings with scissors. This process will stop after a small fringe forms.