Kama-Asa - Purifying Charcoal Sticks

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Charcoal For purifying water and give a better taste to tap water. 

100 gr of charcoal per sachet (3 to 4 sticks).

Its famous compact charcoal sticks have the power to purify, rebalance and mineralize water in just a few hours and can be reusable for months. Your water will always be clean and ready to serve. Charcoal absorbs chlorine from tap water and gives more minerals.

You can use the same charcoal for a few weeks. When you feel the taste of your water changed, boil this stick of charcoal in a pot for about 5 minutes and dry it under the sun.
You can re-use it several times though it gradually gives less minerals.

using advice

Put a stick of charcoal in your carafe or bottle.
Fill it out with 500ml ~ 1L of water.

The quality of the purification depends on time:
3 hours = good purification
6 hours = very good purification
9 hours = excellent purification