Kaikado - Wide Tin Caddy 200g

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Kaikado of Kyoto are the oldest makers of handmade tin tea caddies in the world. The first generation began producing their innovative Chazutsu caddies in 1875 using sheets of tin specially imported from Cornwall.

Their iconic cylinder caddies quickly became the style of caddy everyone copied but their quality was never equalled. Their ancestor’s caddies are still used by families across Japan including the Japanese Imperial household.

Each caddy has two layers: an inner layer of tin, and an outer layer of tin, brass, copper or silver. The double wall of metal is perfect for storage, keeping the tins completely airtight and the contents dry. With daily use the outer metal layer soon develops a unique patina.


- Kaikado tea caddies are made with a double structure using tinplate for the inside.

- The tinplate we use is tinplate board made by a traditional manufacturing method called "DOBOZUKE". It's different from normal tinplate. It doesn't have a complete mirror surface but is dull finished.


Height 136mm × Diameter 78mm

Proper care and handling of your tea caddy

- Do not wash the caddy (we thoroughly sanitize each caddy prior to shipment).

- Do not place the caddy in a refrigerator or freezer as the material is susceptible to moisture and humidity.

- If you should get water on your caddy, please wipe it off with a soft dry cloth and gently rub caddy to avoid moisture spots.

- After your purchase you will perceive a normal yet subtle change in the colour tone of your Chazutsu: copper in 2-3 months, brass in 1-2 years and tin in 3-5 years. Like fine wine Chazutsu becomes even more appreciated with age.

- It is important to lift the top of the caddy lid softly from the body in order to prevent any possibility of damage.

- When closing the caddy lid please adjust the joint line on the lid with the joint line on the body. This will allow the lid to go down slowly by itself and the air will be released from the caddy. Gently push the lid at the last moment. This will prevent air from entering the caddy.

Brand description

The year of the Meiji Restoration, 1875 when people felt vibrant and filled with new hopes and dreams, Kaikado became established as a pioneer of tinplate canisters using imported tinplate from England. Since that time, consistently being handmade, they have passed down their techniques from generation to generation for over a century, meticulously creating every canister, each consisting of 130 procedures, as was done in 1875.