James Ay - Modish Tokyo Havana

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A Pantechnicon Exclusive

Modish is about the 60´s culture in young Britain. It is giving you the vibe of Liverpool with all its coolness and all its edge.

The sunglasses are made from 100% biodegradable acetate from Mazzucchelli in Italy. The hinges are from OBE with a special rubber coating, making the friction and longevity perfect. They are made from 60% reused metal chips from old hinges. The sun lenses are polyamide (PA) with an anti-reflection coating and a special UV filter with protection up to 400 nm and index 1.5.

The sleeve is made from recycled leather and the white cleaning cloth is made from old plastic bottles.

Lens category 3: The sunglasses provide a high level of sun glare reduction and good UV protection.

Brand Description 

JAMES AY is a universe of eco-friendly sunglasses founded on the premise that every time you put on a pair, you are in a moment where the sun lightens your heart and frees your mind. This simple idea is what fuels their creativity and guides them to create products that are sustainable, high-quality and fashionably timeless.