Hetkinen - Lip Balm

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A moisturising lip balm for pretty lips.

This lip balm contains plenty of cold pressed vegetable oils which soften and nourish your skin - coconut, baobab, and almond oil, as well as shea butter and jojoba wax. This lip balm does not contain water and is thus suitable even for sub-zero temperatures.


A Lip balm containing essential oil of pine and pine extract, which make your lips silky and smooth. The lip balm has balancing and invigorating properties, and it carries the refreshing power of the forest. Leaves a smooth uniform colour and a pleasant feeling.

The secret of this pine lip balm: two different varieties of pine oil and oil extract made from genuine Finnish pine needles. The gentle and natural evergreen forest scent is like a pine needle in your mouth.

Pine & Geranium 

A red lip balm containing essential oils of pine and geranium, which make your lips velvet smooth. The lip balm radiates with floral forest harmony.  Leaves your lips feeling pleasant and the naturally red tint of this balm brings a smile to your lips and completes your look.

Geranium oil balances an unsettled mind and creates a calm, restful mood. It heals lips and their cracks as it enhances circulation below the skin's surface.

The natural scent of red geranium flower is combined with the familiar forest smell of pine. It's like a field of flowers in a forest clearing.

Brand Description 

HETKINEN is a Turku based Finnish lifestyle company, founded in 2018, that creates small design items and cosmetics from pine wood. The company derives inspiration from the Finnish forests and trees with an approach that is careful and minimalist. Everything is made in harmony with nature and is designed to bring people closer to the natural world in their busy everyday lives with high-quality innovations.