Hetkinen - Deo Scent Deodorant

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A natural deodorant cream with a woody scent.

A natural deodorant cream which keeps you fresh and pampers your skin and uses carefully selected essential oils that are effective at countering body odour. 

This water free and plastic free deodorant works best on clean and shaven skin. When you make the change from an antiperspirant to an aluminium free deodorant, it is good to keep in mind that your body takes a while to get accustomed to an aluminium free deodorant. Your glands and pores will slowly cleanse, and you may feel like you sweat more than regular for a little while. The sweat your body produces does not smell in itself as 98 per cent of sweat is only water. The organic matter from sweat glands produce the smell once they come into contact with bacteria on your skin. This is a true plastic free and water free deodorant.

Base Ingredients

  • Contains coconut and shea butters and sweet almond oil that take care of the sensitive underarm skin.
  • The natural deodorant cream also contains moisture-draining starch, which dries your armpits as soon as you apply the cream.
  • Sodium bicarbonate is a natural and efficient ingredient that neutralises bacteria.
  • This deodorant cream contains no aluminium or alcohol. Since there is no aluminium, it won't stain your clothes.

Brand Description 

HETKINEN is a Turku based Finnish lifestyle company, founded in 2018, that creates small design items and cosmetics from pine wood. The company derives inspiration from the Finnish forests and trees with an approach that is careful and minimalist. Everything is made in harmony with nature and is designed to bring people closer to the natural world in their busy everyday lives with high-quality innovations.