Happy Origami - Volumes 2, 3 and 4

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This is an origami set for children from preschool to the lower grades of elementary school. Each package contains 20 colourful origami papers, as well as 4 different origami models and their origami diagrams. Children's creativity and concentration, such as flowers, animals, and vehicles created from a single piece of paper, and the sense of accomplishment when origami is completed, are also useful for children's brain training. 

Brand Description 

Get creative and learn a new skill with Happy Origami Paper!  Origami has been a popular arts and craft activity for years. Their product provides clear instructions how to fold these lovely and fun models, encouraging creativity and developing manual dexterity. A great idea for indoor play at home and nursery school or party activity, these wonderful Origami papers would make great teaching material and a wonderful gift for young children.