Hakudo - Botanical Air Mist

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Inspired by the invisible layers of the mountain ground, this blend of 11 botanical essences, such as hiba wood, vetiver, elemi, palmarosa, and cypress, immediately embrace your surroundings. Botanical Airmist softly transfers the quality of the air and creates a rejuvenating and purifying atmosphere.

Elegantly packaged in a repurposed, handcrafted wood box.



Brand description

Based on a philosophy derived from Kohdo, the Japanese ceremony of appreciating a subtle and exquisite fragrance, Hakudo source the finest raw materials selected for both their unique scent profile & the purifying qualities of each plant. Combining essences and absolutes that are extracted from woods, roots, mosses, leaves, herbs and citrus.

Hakudo represent fascinating qualities of the white clay through the scent that are rejuvenating, vitalizing and purifying to the mind and spirit, offering you a quiet moment to unwind in everyday life and to uncover your authentic soul.