HAKO - Paper Incense Leaf (White)

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HA KO are a series of elegant, leaf-shaped paper incense that can be enjoyed as potpourri or burned like traditional incense.

No 1 - Spicy Jasmine: Spicy jasmine has a rich and floral scent.

No 2 - Agarwood: Agarwood, the raw material for traditional incense, has a graceful scent.

No 3 - Elegant Citrus: Several fragrant citrus and Japanese essences are gracefully scented.

No 4 - Sandalwood: A pure and gentle scent of noble sandalwood.

No 5 - Smoky Cinnamon: Smoked cinnamon brings out the elegance of an adult.

No 6 - White Floral: The scent of soft flowers is delicate and pleasant.

No 7 - Green Grass: You can enjoy the natural and lively scent of the meadow.

No 8 - True Aqua: A refreshing scent with a clear and fresh scent.

Brand Description 

Since its founding in Awaji Island in 1893 (Meiji 26), Hako has carefully manufactured quality incense sticks and incense sticks with the hands of selected incense sticks and skilled craftsmen. In addition to traditional incense, Hako are constantly exploring new ways of incense that are familiar to our daily lives, making use of the technological capabilities we have cultivated over many years.