Hako - Incense Leaf Box (Small)

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Box set of five unique leaf-shaped HA KO incenses, made of paper. Contains five kinds of fragrance with refined Japanese taste. Use it as a small gift.

Contents: Five pieces of HA KO (No.1 Spicy Jasmine, No.2 Agar Wood, No.3 Elegance Citrus, No.4 Sandalwood, No.5 Smoky Cinnamon), one non-flammable felt.

Item size: W 78mm × H 108mm × D 30mm

Weight: 50g

Brand Description 

Since its founding in Awaji Island in 1893 (Meiji 26), Hako has carefully manufactured quality incense sticks and incense sticks with the hands of selected incense sticks and skilled craftsmen. In addition to traditional incense, Hako are constantly exploring new ways of incense that are familiar to our daily lives, making use of the technological capabilities we have cultivated over many years.