Goto-Tomorrow Dog Tochinkan Round Leather Collar - Natural M

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It is made from a single piece of leather fashioned into a round form. This gem is all handmade. As the leather is round, the parts that touch the dog feel smooth. This is a gentle and comfortable collar. 

Colour: Natural

Size: M

Inner Diameter: Approx. 44-42-40-38cm

Leather Size: 18mm

Leather Thickness: 5mm

Weight: Approx.: 98g

Brand description

To let our beloved dogs who are members of our family live comfortably together with us for a long time. Goto-tomorrow’s collars and leads are made with this thought in mind. Our leather pet accessories are individually handmade by skillful horse harness artisans who have over 60 years’ experience. They are made in a simple classic design and are constructed durably, so your beloved dog can use these accessories for an entire lifetime. With a lifetime repair warranty, it can be fixed many times even if it breaks or becomes torn, so it can be used forever. Why not give your precious dog something to cherish for a lifetime?