Gato Mikio - Miso Soup Bowls

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Designed by Shigeichiro Takeuchi and hand sculpted by craftsman at Gato Mikio, the AEKA bowls have a dainty and elegant shape, with a delicate base. Each bowl is expertly carved from single piece of Japanese zelkova wood, then carefully lacquered to highlight the beauty of the wood’s grain.

The name is derived from the archaic word “aeka,” meaning delicate, ephemeral and fragile, that perfectly represents the bowl's balanced and graceful form.

Material: Japanese Zelkova Wood

Size: φ 115mm x H 70mm

Finish: Urethane paint with Polyurethane finish

Brand description

Gato Mikio is a family woodworking house with over 100 years of history, founded by Komakichi Gato in 1908. They are based in Yamanaka Onsen, Ishikawa, one of Japan’s most renowned woodwork and lacquerware regions. All Gato Mikio products are meticulously carved by hand from the finest timbers, using traditional techniques that are centuries old.