Futagami - Paper Weight Square

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Walnut-sized brass paperweights with a crude casting surface, which fit comfortably in your hands. As all faces are parallel, you can easily hold it between the tips of your first two fingers.

The IHADA paperweights gradually change its colour over the course of years due to oxidization. The longer it is used, the richer and subtler it becomes.

Size w49 x d35 x h33mm


Brand description  

Founded in 1879, Futagami is one of Japan’s oldest metal manufacturers. Its collaboration with designer Masanori Oji has created a modern minimalist line of brass ware home goods that combine traditional techniques and materials with modern shapes. Futagami’s craftsmen work from Masanori’s inventive designs to create truly original metal works that bring elegance and understated radiance to common everyday objects. His work with Futagami has won the 2009 Interior Lifestyle Award in Japan.