Elodie Details - Wool Knitted Blanket

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Elodie Details we believe that the products we use in everyday baby life are more than simple necessities for an easier day. Their mission is to elevate all those little products of everyday baby life into the stylish accessories they all have the potential to be. 

The Elodie Details Wool Knitted Blanket is the newest addition to their wide blankets collection. A soft blend of wool and cotton will keep your little one warm even in the coldest winter days. Unlike regular fabrics, the natural materials used are breathable and do not irritate even the most delicate skin. The blanket’s size makes it suitable for all the situations where you need a warmer cover for your baby, both at home and on the go. 

Elodie Details always make sure that the raw materials they use are ethically sourced: the wool is always non-mulesed and traceable to South Africa. 

Brand Description 

ELODIE DETAILS is a Swedish design company founded in 2005 by Linda Sätterström, shortly after the birth of her daughter Elodie. Through a combination of utility, design and durability, ELODIE DETAILS turns everyday baby products into high-quality fashion accessories that are designed to last.