Eikund - Polar Bear

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The Isbjørn figure is a physical pictogram resulting in a beautiful interpretation of the polar bear. It was designed in 1955 and awarded with a gold medal only two years later at the Deutsche Handwerksmesse in Munich. Arne Tjomsland got the inspiration from reading Polar literature as a child and the time he spent with his father, Preparator Michael Tjomsland at the Zoological Museum in Oslo.


Natural or White satin lacquered

Small: L 190mm  W 52mm  H 75mm
Large: L 300mm  W 90mm  H 110mm

Brand description
Norwegian furniture company Eikund is re-launching Norwegian furniture classics that will most definitely impress. The scope of creativity blooming in Norway around the mid-twentieth century is unknown territory for many. Pulled into the spotlight again, there is no doubt that these objects fit perfectly into contemporary interiors of today, both in public and private sector.