Echizen Shikki - Tea Container

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Nakano have been making utensils for Japanese tea ceremony for over 90 years. These containers are suitable for storing matcha green tea powder or tea leaves. Choose from two designs –

  • HISAGO – green and gold gourds – historically used by nobles and samurai as drinking vessels, gourds adorned with cord tassels are a classic Japanese design.
  • KODAIJI – red and gold flowers - chrysanthemums and paulownia crests, both emblems of the Japanese Imperial Family.

Dimensions: D67mmx 68mm

Material: resin with urethane coating

Brand description

Operating for over ninety years, Nakano is a workshop that focuses on Japanese teaware.   Nakano is well versed in Japanese patterns and designs that have been used since ancient times. The tea utensils they produce are made by incorporating these traditional designs that have been used for centuries.

These Nakano tea caddies are part of an Echizen lacquer teaware collection, exclusively available in Europe at Pantechnicon. Lacquerware is a traditional craft and has been a part of Japanese life since ancient times. Echizen is one of the most highly revered types of lacquerware in Japan. Primarily made in the Kawada district of Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, it is characterized by its glossy yet deep coating, lightness, and durability.