Echizen Shikki - Ippuku box

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Takahashi Kogei - Ippuku tea set box

An ippuku box contains all you need to enjoy Japanese tea at home – a bamboo chasen tea whisk and chashaku measuring spoon, a canister for storing matcha green tea powder, and a ceramic chawan tea bowl all beautifully packed in a wooden box painted.  Created in response to requests from people who wanted to enjoy Japanese tea easily at home without worrying about the etiquette of sado tea ceremony, this is a product that simplifies the tea-making process, allowing users to focus on simply enjoying tea – making tea culture a more familiar presence in our daily lives. The wooden box is lined with Echizen washi paper to prevent the tools from rubbing and the box lid cleverly doubles as a tray.

Box dimensions: W150mm × D150mm × H150mm

Material: Box (wood), tea bowl (ceramic), tea whisk (bamboo), teaspoon (bamboo), tea canister (plastic)


Brand Description 

Founded in 1925, four generations of the Takahashi family have now been making Echizen lacquerware objects.  The family business originally started out building kakumono, which are rectangular-shaped lacquerware, including stacked boxes, square trays, and other wood-based items. However, along the way, they pivoted to become a workshop focusing on different kinds of implements used for sado (Japanese tea ceremony). Leveraging their deep experience of working on tea utensils, in 2020 Takahashi Kogei designed and launched their own line of tea ware called the Ippuku box.