Echizen Shikki - Titanium Silver Lacquerware Bowl

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Yamada Sadauemon Shikkiten 

A truly unique bowl handcrafted from titanium and zelkova wood and coated in lacquer. 
This bowl is part of an Echizen lacquer collection, exclusively available in Europe at Pantechnicon.
Lacquerware is a traditional craft and has been a part of Japanese life since ancient times. Echizen is one of the most highly revered types of lacquerware in Japan. Primarily made in the Kawada district of Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, it is characterized by its glossy yet deep coating, lightness, and durability.

Dimensions: D115mm×H63mm

Capacity: 250ml

Material: Titanium Silver, Wood (magnolia), painted with urethan lacquer 

Brand description

Established in 1856, Yamada Sadauemon Shikkiten is a long-established purveyor of lacquerware. The current head, Kazunori Yamada, is the sixth-generation owner. Yamada Sadauemon Shikkiten makes tableware that emphasizes the merits of wood. Using urethane paints, they purposely let the grain of the wood shine through in each product to show that it is made out of wood.