Echizen Shikki - Lacquerware Cup

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Tsuchinao Shikki

Handcrafted from zelkova wood in Fukui, Japan, each cup is then carefully painted with lacquer.Each person at the Tsuchinao atelier has a vital part they play in the cup making process. Some carve and others apply the lacquer.
Since no piece of wood is exactly the same, each finished product looks slightly different  making every piece original.
The contemporary shape has been designed to suit both Western and Japanese table settings. Suitable for drinks like coffee and tea. Choose from two colours – natural wood and navy.

Manufacturer of lacquerware in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture

Dimensions: D90mmxH71mm

Material: Wood (zelkova) coated in lacquer

Brand description

Founded in 1980, Tsuchinao Shikki mainly specialize urushi lacquer bowls and chopsticks. Once a small family-run workshop, it has now become a company with a team of 15 employees  even actively training young craftsmen in order to grow the next generation of lacquerware artisans.

These cups are part of an Echizen lacquer teaware collection, exclusively available in Europe at Pantechnicon. Lacquerware is a traditional craft and has been a part of Japanese life since ancient times. Echizen is one of the most highly revered types of lacquerware in Japan. Primarily made in the Kawada district of Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, it is characterized by its glossy yet deep coating, lightness, and durability.