East London Liquor Co x Pantechnicon Akvavit

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East London Liquor Co x Pantechnicon Akvavit / 750ml bottle

The East End creatives behind East London Liquor Co. amplified the floral characteristics of the distilled dill flowers in the akvavit and rounded out the fiery notes of the spirit by ageing the young spirit in a red wine cask from Switzerland’s Germanier winery for six months, bringing drinkers a layered, sophisticated take on a Nordic summertime tradition. 

The three-way collaboration was originally the idea of Marc Andrea-Levy, the beverage director of Pantechnicon, and came about after discussing ideas with Stockholms Bränneri head distiller Erik Hasselgärde. The idea was cemented in place by Alex Wolpert, founder of the restaurant’s UK spirits partner, East London Liquor Co., who suggested the unusual approach of using red wine casks for the ageing medium. Six months later East London Akvavit was born.