Department of Hygiene - Bamboo Toothbrush With Case

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Made from pure polished bamboo, this toothbrush is perfect for everyday use and comes in a protective case, making it long-lasting and ideal to travel with.

The sustainable handle is 100% biodegradable bamboo and BPA/ toxic-free. Its charcoal bristles can be easily-recycled, It’s vegan, antibacterial, and it will keep your teeth truly clean and sparkling.

Brand description 

Department of Hygiene is a London-based beauty essential brands which wants to reimagine routines with less single-use plastic. Founded by brothers, Leonidas & Gregoris who were Inspired by their country of origin's versatile and multi-functional, Aleppo Soap, so revisited the humble bar of soap and worked to create plastic-free alternatives to personal care staples. Their range is makes it easy to ditch the plastic bottles with high quality hair, skin and dental products.