Noriko Nagaoka-Vase/Sake Bottle Tokkuri (Winter Field)

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Originally from Osaka, Japan, Noriko Nagaoka studied Nutrition in Osaka before coming to the UK in 2003. After various courses and internships, in October 2019 she finally set up her own studio in her back garden in North London. Currently she is working on her own collections and producing nature inspired ceramics.

Hand thrown in batches made to order, Noriko makes nature inspired collections of stoneware tableware such as sake cups, large vases and plant pots.

Developing her style of ceramics using a layering glaze method to create one-of-a-kind ceramics. Trees, ocean scenery, mountains, waterfalls, and animals, are all inspirations. Deeply influenced and inspired by the Japanese master potter Mr. Shoji Hamada. His spontaneous designs and clean shapes are what Noriko strives to achieve in her own works.


Production: All bowls, cups, mugs are hand thrown on the wheel. All plates are made in a mold.

Clay Body: White stoneware clay

Firing temperature: 1240- 1258c

Glaze: Food safe.

Use: The pieces are intended to be used for domestic purposes as well as display items.

Batch Production: Due to the nature of the material and production process, slight variation in scale and colour is to be expected and noticeable change may occur between batches although this is not usually the case. Dimensions and colour samples are to be taken as an example only and may not be exact.

Some of glazes items such as Mori can be dishwasher proof but ideally, we would recommend to wash by hand.




Winter field Tokkuri (sake bottle) / vase S

Diameter: 9-11 cm, Height: 9-11 cm

Winter field Tokkuri (sake bottle) /Vase M

Diameter: 9.5-10.5 cm, Height: 14-16 cm