Cokon Lab - 100% Silk Cocoons

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The silkworm cocoons slide on the tip of your finger to gently exfoliate your face and hard-to-reach areas such as nostrils, lips or chin.

100% natural cocoons contain sericin and fibroin, two essential components for gentle exfoliation. 

Fibroin, with its fibrous texture, removes impurities and dead cells while sericin hydrates the skin and facilitates the production of collagen.

After use, your skin will be softer and more luminous!

Brand description

Cokon Lab grows organic silk mulberry trees at high altitude and uses an innovative process to naturally improve the moisturizing properties of the cultivated silk.

This method brings multiple benefits to Cokon Lab's body care line: natural protection, increase of elasticity and hydration level along with skin renewal stimulation.

In order to ensure the best quality, Cokon Lab products are 100% made in Kumamoto from ingredients of natural origin in a traceable process.