COG - Genesis Wide-Leg Trouser (99 Black)

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Wide-leg pants with crease lines. The thick and sturdy waist like boxer shorts can be adjusted with a drawstring. The biggest feature of these pants is that they are very wide and full length, but they can be worn by all heights by buttoning the hem.

The center crease line gives a very clean impression, and it is elegant as it is, but if you tighten the hem, you can enjoy coordinating it with casual flat shoes or beach sandals.

The material is a jersey material with a neat impression like georgette.

Wrinkle-resistant and stretchy, making it extremely comfortable to wear

It is a material that can be used in a wide range of situations due to the color development, easy care, and beautiful appearance of polyester.

Brand Description 

The origin of the name “COG THE BIG SMOKE” is derived from two things near and dear to the designer’s heart. The first: her jet setter childhood teddy bear, and the second from London’s longtime nickname: “The big smoke”.

COG embraces a minimalist concept, with “less is more” at the centre of their ethos. COG’s collection’s focal point is jersey material crafted for all ages, sizes, seasons and occasions. COG is made with the Jetsetter in mind, their designs versatile enough to wear on any trip, and can easily go from your suitcase to exploring a new city.