Choemon Kamide x Pantechnicon - Tea Pot (Exclusive)

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A beautiful white porcelain teapot with the word "PANTECHNICON" on it. This kind of free and playful design is iconic to Kutani Choemon. It is a wonderful example of traditional meets modern design, one of the Kutani ware's attractive features.

The tea strainer is called a "Sasame" and is attached directly to the inside of the teapot. This allows the tea leaves to circulate easily inside the pot, making the tea more fragrant. This is especially suitable for drinking high quality Japanese tea.

Capacity: 600ml(20oz)

Material: Porcelain - Kutani ware

Brand Description 
Keigo Kamide was born in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1981 and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2006 with a major in oil painting.

In 2013, he established a limited liability company, Kamide Shigei, and began to engage in full-scale management of the kiln.

Kamide aims to create universal and fresh expressions based on the history of Kiln, which began in the Orient, and to pass on Kutani ware to the present with flexible ideas that are not limited by tradition or boundaries.