Carl Dagg - umbrella

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Luxury cotton blend, solid hardwood, tanned leather and exclusive metal details - everything carefully assembled in a factory located in Malung, Sweden.

Product details:

Fabric: premium cotton blend

Wooden handle and stick: solid walnut with a medium brown stain

Strap: Swedish tanned leather and bronze button

Brand description

One of the founders of Carl Dagg, previously working in a bank, was in need of an umbrella on a, particularly rainy day. He wanted a sturdy canopy in a timeless design suitable for professionals. One that not only kept the rain away but also sheltered his business apparel and added to his outfit. Co-founders Carl and Carl eventually found the last remaining Nordic umbrella factory up in Dalarna in northern Sweden. They started designing the umbrellas they themselves wanted and needed. Carl Dagg started to sell its first umbrellas April 2017, after spending nearly two years designing and producing them. They went global right from the start, with Sweden being the company’s largest market for the first few months. The umbrellas are made in Sweden using top-notch materials. They are large, functional, will protect you properly from the rain and at the same time, they are good-looking. True Nordic design is based on simplicity and purity.